Studsensor Multiscanner HD800 Onestep Stud Finder Review

  • By: James
  • Date: February 2, 2021

Are you looking to hang a heavy wall painting or décor at your home to make it look more beautiful than ever before? Are you planning some DIY to your home and have plenty of interior planning and decorative ideas?

If yes, then the first and the most important thing that you need to consider is the in-wall map of your home. This is so that you know where the wall studs are so that you can plan accordingly to install wall hangings and other things that can enhance the overall look of plain walls.

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Perhaps you’ve only recently moved home and don’t have the construction map, so knowing where the wall studs are can be challenging. When taking on any sort of DIY task, you need to be sure that you’ve got the right tools for the job. No more so, than choosing the best stud finder to help you with your home improvement project.

A stud finder which can also be referred to as a stud sensor, helps you find the wall studs and other articles, such as wiring and metal behind walls. A small, yet powerful tool – a stud finder will enable you to quickly and accurately identify any potential issues behind your walls, before starting out with any DIY tasks.

Although there are multiple wall stud finders available online, it is essential that you look to purchase the best stud finder available. Do your research and check out the features that your preferred stud finder offers. Making comparisons and reviewing stud sensors, will enable you to choose the model most suited to your needs.

Buying A Zircon HD800 Multiscanner Stud Finder

Suiting both professional users and DIY’ers – the Zircon HD800 Multiscanner is an ideal choice for most tasks, large or small. Being durable and a simple stud finder tool to operate, the Zircon HD800 has become one of the best products in its range, available on the market. With excellent build quality, a great design, accurate results and super easy to use. These are just some of the reasons by the HD800 Multiscanner stud finder is a popular choice for many.

Features Of The Zircon HD800 Stud Sensor

As well as brilliant design, the HD800 stud finder is an ideal purchase for all buyers. Below we will go through the many features and functions, that you get from this Zircon stud finder. So let’s dig deeper into this product, to see whether it is a suitable for your next project.


The Zircon Studsensor HD800 is amongst the easiest to hold and operate Stud finder. And if you were planning to buy the stud finder for the first time, then it is essential that you choose a product that is extremely easy to use and hold. By choosing HD800, you can be assured of getting great results without any issues regarding the operation of the stud finder. Also, for the buyers who are looking to buy the lightweight and efficient stud finder instead of going with an expensive one, this scanner from Studsensor will be a great choice.

Different scanning modes

The Studsensor HD800 has three different modes of operation (Stud scan mode, deep Scan mode, and Metal Scan mode) that make it an ideal multi-purpose scanner for homeowners as well as for the professionals. This multipurpose stud sensor device, can efficiently become two to three separate devices rolled into one. You can also use the Zircon Studsensor HD800 for detecting the presence of live wires inside the walls to avoid drilling holes in those wires while attempting DIY work.

Reliability And Built For Years Of Use

With a durable shell and easy to handle design, the Zircon Studsensor HD800 is a great tool for buyers who are looking for a reliable stud finder that can last for years. Due to its excellent build quality, there will be minimal major maintenance costs with this product. A stud finder tool that boasts both durability and value for money.

Detection Of Multiple Articles Behind Walls

As well as metal studs, this Zircon stud sensor can easily detect wires, nails, metals and other obstacles efficiently. It is an all rounded multipurpose stud sensor, that can effortlessly detect any hazardous behind your walls.

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  • Extremely user friendly
  • Efficient design
  • Durability of product
  • One of the best in its class
  • Can take a while to master all its features


In all, if you were looking to buy a reliable and efficient stud finder, that not only shows the results accurately but also is extremely easy to hold and operate, the Zircon HD800 Multiscanner will be a great choice for you.

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