CH Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder Review

If you have just moved into your residence, and happen to be looking forward to decorating the place up, with heavy gilt mirrors, tables, a new full-screen HD TV, then you definitely need to read the rest of the article. Most homes come with timbers supporting the drywall and plaster. And while you may think that this is not that big a deal, you may want to do a rethink especially as you consider the fact that when you try and fix in new nails. And if these nails were to make contact with the old ones, then the nail may not be firm enough to support any additional weight. And that’s why it pays to use a stud finder so that you can locate exactly where the studs are hidden in the wall so that you may fix in your new nails around the same to hang your new decorations.

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CH Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder

CH Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder Review


CH Hanson 03040 stud finder is a magnetic stud finder and one of the best that we have come across to date. It is certainly compact (which is a big plus), and it comes with an eclectic design. It can fit in your pocket and you should be able to carry it with ease as you use the same to scan the rooms in your new home for those hidden studs. The issue is that many new homes come with timber frames behind the drywall and plaster and this can be an impediment to hanging in the new decorations. And that’s why CH Hanson 03040 is one of the best stud finder as it utilizes two, yes, two rare earth magnets to identify and locate the studs that lie beneath all that plaster and drywall.

It is extremely precise and as a magnetic stud finder, it does a remarkable job. It manages to correctly identify the positions of the various studs and as this product also comes with a level in the form of a small rotating bubble vial, you can get the level and plumb readings for both the horizontal and vertical positions. This should enable you to precisely locate where the studs are located behind the drywall so that you can make the required adjustments as you hang up your new decorations.

So whether you are hanging a new TV bracket or one for your new side lamp, it is essential that you do not fix new nails in the wall on top of the hidden studs already present. This can cause your new nail to fall down with any decoration that you may have hung up on it. This is precisely why you need a magnetic stud finder like CH Hanson to do the grunt job and help you locate the hidden studs. The net part is that this particular product is not powered and neither do you have to charge it with a battery. It takes the readings of the walls around you and assesses the same, before letting you know where the studs are located and at what depth.  If you are still not sure how CH Hanson magnetic stud finder works, then do read the rest of the review.

So what is a magnetic stud finder and how does it work?

If you are desperate to locate the hidden studs in the wall, you can always opt for the old fashioned method of driving in nails and waiting to see if you managed to hit a stud and if the new nail stays fixed. Or you can try to locate it with a stud finder, and while there are various types of stud finders that you can use, so far, none seem to hold a candle where the CH Hanson is concerned. But what is it exactly and how does it work? Normally,  a stud finder can scan your wall and help you detect and see if there are any hidden nails/ studs behind the plaster. It can also help you identify hidden wiring if any and other hidden elements as well. And while the methodology may differ, it is always better to go ahead with a magnetic stud finder like CH Hanson.

For starters, it comes with a simple and yet compact design; and it also contains two rare earth magnets that are quite powerful.  And as it comes with two magnets instead of the one you can scan the wall and the handy little stud finder should immediately let you know if there are any hidden studs behind the wall. And since it comes with two magnets instead of one, you can scan twice the area of what the other magnetic stud finders are capable of. It currently retails between $10 and $20 which is why this stud finder is exactly what you need, a compact, durable and effective tool that you can use to locate all the hidden studs behind the plaster and drywall. What makes this stud finder stand out is that it comes with a multi-position marker and a rotating bubble vent that you can use to correctly gauge the position and depth of those hidden studs. This magnetic stud finder certainly comes with all the functionality that you need and should enable you to customize your new home, and decorate it as per your convenience.

Do note that CH Hanson is not a magic cure; this magnetic stud finder may not work that effectively if the studs are located really deep inside the wall. It can help you locate those studs that are closer to the surface.

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It is time to take a closer look at some of the main features of CH Hanson –

  • Size: It is compact, lightweight and you should easily be able to fit it In your pocket without difficulty.
  • It comes with a rotating bubble filled with a liquid which is then used to correctly identify the depth and actual location of the hidden studs
  • It comes with an ergonomic shape that is designed to fit comfortably in your hand
  • It comes with a unique design along with two rare earth magnets which it  utilizes to find and locate those hidden studs
  • It can work effectively even when the hidden studs are located

Pros and cons of CH Hanson

It is time to check out the various pros and cons of this magnetic stud finder.


  • It comes with a scan depth of 1 inch which is more than what some of the other stud finders had to offer
  • It scans all magnetic metals and lets you know if there are any hidden studs behind the plaster or some hidden metal wiring, metal pipes etc
  • It comes with a bubble level which is quite handy
  • It comes with a two-way level which should enable you to mark the hidden studs accurately
  • It does not require any batteries
  • And it should be able to locate all the hidden studs quite effectively and efficiently.
  • It does not require any batteries nor does it require any calibration


  • It seems to locate wires more easily than it does studs
  • It sets out many false positives
  • It is a little hard to use on the first go



All things considered, and the fact that CH Hanson’s product is extremely affordable, it makes more sense to go in for this particular product rather than a digital version of the same or an electronic stud finder. Both of these can be a tad expensive which is why it makes sense to go in for a magnetic stud finder like CH Hanson. The other reason that you may want to go for this particular stud finder above others is the fact that it comes with two powerful rare earth magnets.

While there are many stud finders in the market, you are not going to find one that comes with extra functionality and at affordable rates at that.  The moment it locates the stud, it sticks to the wall and you can use the functionality of this product to determine the exact positioning of the stud and the depth, beneath the plaster. What makes this stud finder invaluable is the fact that it can provide you with effective readings, which in turn should enable you to fix in new nails safely and without having to worry if any of the nails are going to fall down.

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By all accounts, this is one of the best stud finders and a magnetic one that. That essentially means that you do not have to connect your stud finder to a power source or for that matter, use batteries either. This can help you save on power consumption and all you need to do to locate the hidden studs is to scan the wall with CH Hanson Stud Finder. It is indeed a remarkable product and one that enables you to scan your wall with precision. And now, with the help of this product, you should be able to hang all the new and heavy decorations in your new home.

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