Bosch GMS120 Product Review

Bosch GMS120 Product Review

You can count on the Bosch GMS120 to get the job done right every time. It is reliable and can detect many different types of objects. If you have been wondering about this device, consider this review to be better informed and to see find out how well it truly works.


Multi mode detection


The Bosch GMS120 is a terrific digital wall scanner that will provide you with multi mode detection via the application of a laser, which is powerful enough to allow you to conduct the detection of metal objects and wood studs. This device is truly handy when you need to locate steel pipes, live wiring, rebar, and even copper pipes.


High level of precision


This stud finder operates at a high level of precision with optimal performance every time. It is constructed with the most up to date laser technology that applies the usage of three sensor modes. This will, therefore, ensure that the device is able to perform a broad range of detecting items that have a depth of up to as much as 4 � inches that are located in concrete. Also, this device is able to conduct the detection of live wiring up to two inches. It is powerful enough to provide detection of copper up to 3 ⅛ inches. Moreover, it is able to locate wood studs supremely well up to 1 � inches. The accuracy of this Bosch GMS120 is regarded as being 0.0625. 


Self calibration


When you are in need of a stud finder that is truly reliable, then you will want to get the Bosch GMS120 due to the fact that this amazing device is self calibrating. It provides you with the option of three different modes for wood, as well as metal. Moreover, it allows you to select a mode for AC wiring as well. As soon as you start to use this device, it provides calibration that is automatic. It also will proceed to remain in a state of self calibration for the entire project, which allows you to engage in the detection of various items with relative precision and real ease.


Graphical display


This device provides an LCD display that is graphical, which will provide indicators for mode selections. The display also indicates the level of the detection strength as well as other elements. In such cases that the device does not locate an object, then there will be a green flashing that is produced by the large detection ring. There will be an orange flash of the ring to indicate when objects tend to be in close proximity. Then there will finally be a red flash by the ring when there is the detection of an object that is situated within the range of the sensors.This device provides a center finder which will always provide the pinpointing of the center of an object. This is achieved via the application of a detection signal that is audible. There is a button to turn this detection signal on or off as preferred for various situations.

Wise to use before starting a project


The Bosch GMS120 stud finder is always a smart tool to use prior to the commencement of any job, as it can indicate the location of many items. This will allow you to have a clear realization of what you will be facing, so you can be better prepared. When you are better prepared in this way, you can then ensure that your projects will go more smoothly, as you can make arrangements to know how to deal with various components before being far along into a project. For, example, when you detect live wiring before commencing a project, this can prevent any hazards later.

Profound versatility


This device is truly reliable to provide the detection of pipes that are situated in concrete with a depth of as much as 4 � inches. Due to the profound level of versatility as well as the high level of performance of this device, it is regarded as being an essential and valuable tool for those who are construction workers, contractors, plumbers electricians, masons, carpenters and those who require a device that will provide the detection of objects in a reliable and consistent manner every time. When you get the Bosch GMS120, you will be provided with the digital wall scanner, a carrying pouch for extra convenience, a hand strap as well as a 9-volt battery. 


No need for many different detection devices


It is truly good that this device provides multi mode detection so that you do not have to rely on a whole lot of different devices. Therefore, this Bosch GMS120 is truly great for many different types of projects when you need to be able to locate different types of objects. This device can be used to find objects that are located in both floors as well as walls, which makes using the Bosch GMS120 an optimal experience every time.


Not complicated


This device is not complicated to use. This is due to the fact that the information is easy to view on the display. In addition, the information is presented in such a way that it is easy to understand. Truly, this device provides the functionality of supreme deep detection, such as detecting metal pipes up to depth of 4 � inches for concrete. This device also provides the added benefit of a marking hole when you want to make reference marks. Furthermore, this device is considered to be fairly comfortable during usage due to the provision of the soft grip that is ergonomic.

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Impressive laser technology


When you use the Bosch GMS120 for your various projects in order to detect various components, such as live wiring, wood studs or even metal piping, then you will be impressed with how well the laser technology works. This will ensure that you are able to be more productive and accurate concerning the projects that you do, as this device will locate all the components that you need to be aware of in order to complete your project with proficiency. This device provides a wide span of line lasers as well as laser measures. Further, this device even applies the usage of rotary lasers as well as point lasers. That is truly impressive for a small device. You can always count on this device because it is made by Bosch, which has the high reputation of creating tools that will always help you to get the job done right.