Walabot DIY Plus

Walabot DIY Plus Review

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CES is the hub of innovation and in the year 2019, it brought one of the most innovative products for homes known as the Walabot DIY Plus. This product is a cutting edge wall scanner capable of finding pipes and wires hidden behind the wall.

With Walabot you can now easily look for the perfect place to hang your photos as it lets you know exactly what’s behind those walls. At present, there are different products such as stud finders which will also solve the purpose but not many positive reviews claim it’s functional. With the Walabot DIY Plus, there is no need to worry as it does the job very efficiently.

Walabot DIY plus helps you do the job better. Not every time is it possible to nail a wall because of studs, pipes or wires present behind the wall. But with Walabot DIY Plus, it is now possible to find the exact place without harming any pipe or wire connections. This product works exclusively with an android phone with the help of a USB Cable. The unit is lightweight and has a pad to protect it from scrapes against the wall.

How to use Walabot DIY Plus

  • The device has to be attached to the phone using a USB cable. To make it even more convenient the company provides you with a sticky pad. Use this pad to stick it to the device and keep both devices attached safely.
  • Once connected there will be an option from which you can choose a concrete wall or stud wall. As per your requirement, you choose one, and then it starts to calibrate.
  • Now attach the device to the wall and keep moving the device in circle patterns. Keep doing it for some time. This will help the device to calibrate and ascertain what’s behind it.
  • After the device has calibrated it will show you three modes namely pan mode, expert mode, and image mode.
  • As per your requirement, you can explore the modes to look for any objects like wires, pipes, and studs.

There are certain reasons that make Walabot DIY Plus one of the most prominent tools for scanning the walls effortlessly.

Cutting edge Technology with the Walabot DIY Plus

Walabot DIY plus has integrated a cutting edge technology that helps you see everything that’s behind the wall, unlike other devices. You no longer have to rely on a beep to know what’s behind the walls. With the help of these device wooden studs, pipes, wires, moving objects like pests can easily be detected.

Do it yourself (DIY)

This is a DIY product minimizing the obstacles of hiring a professional to do the job for you. Anyone with an android phone can use this device and scan the wall easily. It clearly shows what exactly is behind the walls. This product is very commonly found with contractors, plumbers, electricians, and carpenters. The image mode clearly shows what is behind the wall enabling it to be one of the best DIY products.

Find objects behind walls with the Walabot DIY Plus

With the help of Walabot DIY Plus, it is now possible to find hidden wires and pipelines behind the walls to avoid any mishaps. Also, this device is able to ascertain moving objects with the help of high-frequency radio waves. Discover hidden pests behind walls and have them removed with the help of this device.

This Product will work on all kinds of walls

This device is capable to work with any kind of wall be it drywall, lath, or plaster. Walabot DIY plus is capable of generating a clear picture of what it looks like behind the wall without harming any parts of the wall. This device is capable to detect anything that falls in the range of 4 inches from the wall. On rubbing the device against the wall for a certain period the exact location of the studs can be monitored.

Backed by an application

This device is backed by a mobile application that helps users to get regular updates and other improvements. This application supports only android phones as of now, but it has been announced to bring apple phone support too in the near future. This device is capable of working with any android device that supports Android 6.0 and higher. To get connected instantly pair USB cord to phone on one end and the device to the other end.

There are various pros and cons of this product which will be understood below:


  • Cutting edge technological wall scanning device that can show visual images of pipes, wires, and studs.
  • Very easy to use requiring only an android phone to get started.
  • It can see up to 4 inches inside the walls.
  • High radiofrequency technology to ascertain exactly what’s behind the walls.
  • Comes with three modes known as pan mode, expert mode, and image mode. Users can select mode as per their requirements.
  • Backed up by an application for time to time upgrades.
  • The perfect instrument for electricians, plumbers, contractors, and carpenters.
  • This device is quite portable and can be carried easily everywhere.
  • It does not require any battery to perform making it convenient and user ready.


  • It only works with android phones.
  • This device can also be used for wrong purposes like robbery and breaking into a property.
  • It has to be used always with a phone. This device cannot be used as standalone as it requires a phone with it to provide input.


Walabot DIY plus provides real-time images of inside the walls which is a technology quite ahead of its time. With the help of this device, there are fewer obstacles faced by contractors, electricians, plumbers, and carpenters. Walabot DIY plus is a device that has far more capabilities than its predecessor having capabilities to scan lath and plaster walls. With the help of Walabot users can easily drill holes to the wall selecting the safest place without harming any pipes or wires running behind.

This device has revolutionised the way we do work in our daily lives by saving time and giving more accuracy. Get home the Walabot DIY plus that can help scan your walls while renovating with minimum effort.