Magnetic vs Electronic Stud Finders

  • By: James
  • Date: December 20, 2020

Studs play an important role in providing the house a perfect base and strength. However, it is essential to know the blueprint where the studs have been used in a house while planning a makeover or interior redesign. It is important for you as a homeowner to know about the hidden studs inside your walls. This will make sure that you won’t make unnecessary holes in the walls the direct you to one of these hidden studs.

However, if you have purchased a new home, or haven’t paid attention to get the studs’ blueprint, then it will be a tough task to find a perfect place in the wall that is free from the studs. Here is hen the stud finders come handy. The stud finders are a small yet efficient tool that is necessary to have in your toolbox if you have moved into a new house, or are involved in a profession of interior designing.

By using a good quality stud finder for yourself, you can easily deal with the studs hidden inside your walls, and this will eventually help you find the best place to hang the wall décor and other heavy decorative things that you ever wished to use on your walls.

In all, if you were looking for an assure day to know about the hidden studs in your walls, then you should invest in a great quality stud finder that is easy to use, durable and provides effective results.

One important aspect that you must consider while purchasing a suitable stud finder for your home is the right type of stud finder for your home. Yes, you heard it right. The stud finders are divided into two major categories, magnetic and electronic stud finders. And in order to get the desired efficiency and usability, it is essential that you choose the correct one for yourself.

We will discuss about both these types of stud finders so that you can easily decide which one you should go with, and which one of these will be a better choice for you. So, stay tuned to know about the different types of stud finders and a brief overview of them to know which one is a better option for your home.

Magnetic Stud Finders

The first type of the stud finders that we are going to discuss here is the magnetic stud finder. As the name depicts, the magnetic stud finders use the magnetic powers to identify the position of the nails and screws used to bind up the studs. The magnetic stud finders are relatively easier to use than their counterparts, but they are also less efficient and provide lesser details.

The  magnetic stud finders are for those buyers who aren’t looking for expensive stud finders that provide in-depth details of the studs’ position. The magnetic stud finders can be a great choice for those buyers who are looking for the basic functionality and are a perfect buy for the homeowners who are looking for an affordable and basic stud finder for themselves.

Benefits of using the magnetic Stud finders

Now once you know what the magnetic stud finders are, the next thing to know about them is their benefits and uses. So, here is a brief list of benefits that you can avail by purchasing a good quality magnetic stud finder. GO through them, and know whether you should invest your money to a magnetic stud finder, or not.

  • Easy to use

The first benefit that you can avail by choosing a magnetic stud finder is they are extremely easy to use. You won’t find any difficulty while operating it even if you haven’t used such devices before. Moreover, the compact and lightweight design also make it extremely easy to handle and this point makes the magnetic stud finders a great buy for homeowners who aren’t prepared for buying an advanced of hard to use stud finder for themselves.

  • Identifies any metal object under the wall

As the magnetic stud finder uses the magnetic field to find the obstacles inside the wall, you can easily use it to find other metal objects like nails, screws or other similar things. So, if you were looking to buy a multipurpose stud finder that can be used to detect other metal things inside the wall, the magnetic stud finder would be an ideal buy for you.

Just make sure that you are choosing a good quality stud finder with a good field depth so that you can easily scan the wall deeply.

  • Affordable

The magnetic stud finders are relatively cheaper than the normal electronic stud finders. And the reason for this price difference can be seen as the limited uses of the magnetic stud finder in comparison with the electronic ones.

Cons of using a magnetic stud finder

Like any other tool, the magnetic stud finders also have a few points that can be considered as the drawbacks or negative points. And if you are planning to buy a magnetic stud finder for your home, then it is essential that you know about them before making the purchase. Go through them and know whether you can deal with them and buy the product, or not.

  • Not as accurate as electronic stud finders
  • Won’t work for wooden studs

So, this was the brief information about the magnetic stud finders. If you still think that they can work well for your needs and are perfect value for money to you, then you shouldn’t look any further to find more about the stud finders. Just find a suitable model for yourself from a reliable brand, and purchase it under great offers and deal to get the best value for money.

Electronic Stud Finders

The next type of the stud finder that you can buy today is the electronic stud finder that electrically measures the relative density of the wall and shows the probability of finding a stud. The portion of the wall having a stud in it will have a higher density than the normal wall area, and thus you can easily find whether the particular portion of the wall has the stud, or not. The electronic stud finders are relatively more accurate and faster than the magnetic stud finder and provide better efficiency than the counterpart.

So, if you were after the accuracy and usability, then the electronic stud finder would be an ideal buy for you.

Here are the benefits of choosing the electronic stud finder over the magnetic stud finders. Go through them and then decide that which stud finder would be an ideal choice for you.

Benefits of using the electronic Stud finders

  • Provides more accurate results

As the electronic stud finder works on a more efficient technique of density checking, these are relatively more accurate than the magnetic stud finders. So, if you were looking for an accurate stud finder, then you should opt for a good quality electronic stud finder.

  • Works for both metal and wooden studs

Unlike the magnetic stud finders, the electronic stud finders use the density check to find the hidden things inside the walls, it can easily detect the live wires, wooden studs and numerous other things in addition to the normal metal studs.

So, if you were after a reliable and efficient stud finder that can easily find the hidden things inside the walls,the electronic stud finders will be a great buy for you.

  • Great list of features

Apart from higher accuracy and brilliant usability, the electronic stud finders have a great list of features that enhance the value of the stud finder. These features let the users use the tool more efficiently and in various additional purposes.

So, if you were looking for a feature-rich and multipurpose stud finder for your home, you should look forward to buy a new and efficient electronic stud for yourself.

These were a few benefits that you can avail by choosing a good quality electronic stud finders. Apart from these, there are several other benefits that you can achieve by finding a perfect electronic stud finder, and you can explore them by using yourself at home.

Cons of using an electronic stud finder

Like the pros, it is essential for you as a buyer to know about the cons or negative points of the electronic stud finders before you make the purchase. So, here are the negative things that we came across reviewing the stud finder. Go through them, to decide whether you can buy it for your home, or not.

  • Expensive
  • Harder to operate


So, this was a brief overview of the stud finders and their types. You can now easily choose the best stud finder for yourself according to your needs, and by knowing the pros and cons of them, you can decide which one of the stud finder would be an ideal buy for you. Choose the type that suits your needs and budget, then start looking for the best model for that type in the market.

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